Mobility car sharing Switzerland


Mobility car sharing Switzerland
Gütschstrasse 2
6000 Luzern 7
24h Service Center 0848 824 812
Telefax 041 248 22 33



Mobility car sharing Switzerland utilizes the Mobility Advisory Service Switzerland so that it can give customers and interested persons competent answers to personal transportation questions.

  • Is it worthwhile for you to become a customer of Mobility car sharing Switzerland?
  • How would having a Mobility car sharing Switzerland subscription affect your everyday transportation?
  • How can you organize your current and future trips simply?

Interested persons and households can obtain advice from Mobility car sharing Switzerland.

Mobility Advisory Service Switzerland
Hirschengraben 2
3011 Bern
Tel +41 (0)31 311 93 63

Concept and implementation

INTERFACE Policy Studies Research Consulting
Seidenhofstrasse 12
6003 Lucerne