Analysis of and options for your mobility


We analyze your household transportation costs, calculate the amount of time you spend getting around and show the effects on your safety, health, and comfort, and on the environment. In addition, you can receive free of charge suggestions tailored to your personal situation that will help you to optimize your personal transportation.


Ms. & Mr. Brunner are optimizing their mobility

Ms. and Mr. Brunner recently moved from the surrounding area to the city and closer to their workplaces. They are not sure if it is still worth keeping both of their cars and wonder if they could get around the city faster and in a more healthy way. After answering the questions in the Online Check-Up, the Brunners receive an evaluation of their personal transportation. In addition, the Mobility Advisory Service Switzerland gives a suggestions as another option.


Mobility Advisory Service Switzerland
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Concept and implementation

INTERFACE Policy Studies Research Consulting
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